Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Book Review: The Big Rewind by Libby Cudmore

Last night I finished the novel "The Big Rewind" by Libby Cudmore, found in print and Kindle.

To start, the book falls into a fun category that I call Hipster Mystery. The fun part of the book would be all of the entertainment references from the 80's, 90's to today. I will freely admit that I am more mainstream and at 35 years old had a few funny moments where I felt like Captain America "I got that reference!", but it is a fun run.

  At first glance, it really does seem like your average mystery novel that starts with a murder, but the main themes of this novel is not the goal of solving KitKat's murder. The murder is more of an underlining theme to draw Jett along, the main theme that I pulled from it is the different flavors of love.

 The murder occurs during a time in Jett's life when she is going through a transition, and having her first life crisis of what is she doing with her life, and when you go through something like that we often look backwards or pine for someone. That pining often holds us back from moving forward.   It struck me with how daring and forward Jett could be except for in her relationships.

  In all, the book was well-paced, well-written, fun, engaging, not your typical mystery, and possibly a hallmark of a new type of book that we can expect from 30 something's who are not the main stream.

Check out the book. I give it 5 stars.

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